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New to training? No gym? No equipment? No problem!

For those who could benefit from experienced coaching, customized programming and added accountability but aren't necessarily able to or interested in meeting in person each week, remote coaching is the best option. Or maybe you're an experienced trainee who just wants a little extra push without having to put any thought into your program design; then this is for you.

Aside from meeting face to face with a trainer each week, this service provides all of the same luxuries of having your own personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost.

What's Included?

  1. Custom training programs designed specifically for you and your needs

  2. New and exciting training splits updated every month

  3. Extensive exercise library complete with video and explanation

  4. Built-in percentage calculators to make sure you're lifting the right amount

  5. 24/7 chat & video access to an experienced personal trainer

  6. Four program check-ins every month to ensure you're progressing

  7. Weekly video Q&A sessions with your coach and other teammates

  8. Detailed progress tracking with easy-to-understand graphs and analytics

  9. Sample meal planning and supplement advice aimed towards you and your goals

What's Not Included?

  1. Generic, 'cookie cutter' programs that you can source on your own with a quick Google search

  2. Different workouts every day - As fun as this sounds, that's not 'training', that's just 'working out'. Our aim is to help you make progress, not just sweat and hurt each day without forward movement.

  3. Daily Skype or Zoom sessions with your coach. Your coach will monitor your account and communicate via app-supported chat with text and video to ensure you're doing exercises properly and answering any training-related questions you have but you will be joining a community of other trainees so video check-ins will be limited to once per week.

  4. Detailed 7-day meal plans, complete with calorie counting, selected food choices and daily revisions. While diet is important, what's more important is knowing how to eat and put together your own weekly menu so you don't feel like you are 'dieting' and are more likely to stick to the plan - we will help you with this but also provide wiggle room so you can eat what you like.

  5. Long-term contract. Simple and sweet, pay as you go, cancel at anytime. All we ask is 30 days notice so we have time to try and convince you otherwise:)


These values and more are offered at a monthly rate of $150